Berry Trendy Twine - Red & White Bakers Twine
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Berry Red is a twist of double red with double white.  This color can be mixed or matched with the three other Christmas twines.  It is the perfect Christmas topping. This festive twine is just in time for your holiday tags, goodies, packages, and cards.

On a side note.... the red in this color is the same red that is in Valentine Cherry Cupcake.... so you can mix and match this one with that twine as well.

Spool contains 160 yds and is wound on a cardboard tube.  Twine is 4-ply and 100% cotton.

{Very nice with SU Real Red}

Trendy Twine is not currently available for resale and therefore, cannot be sold in any form or fashion.  You can use it with items that you make for resale, but "Trendy Twine" must be mentioned in the description.


Retail price $9.95; online price $9.00.


  • Item #: TT-104
  • Manufacturer: Annie's Paper Boutique

Berry Trendy Twine - Red & White Bakers Twine

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